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Here are some common questions asked to our customer service center:


  Can i use Voyo from any mobile phone?
The great thing is Voyo is just that: You can use it with any phone, operator or number in Sweden. Simple.

  What does it cost to make an international call with Voyo from my mobile?
An international call with Voyo is based on two rates: one for the call you make to Voyo which you pay for to your mobile operator and the second to Voyo for the international call.

  How does Voyo bill me for my calls? pre-paid or post-paid?
Voyo is a post-payment service, meaning that you will be billed for your calls on a monthly basis.

  Can i use Voyo when i am travelling outside Sweden?
Not at the moment. We are currently developing new services that will enable our customers to make cheap international calls wherever they are located.

  Who is behind Voyo?
The Voyo mobile service is founded by Teleman AB (, a leading Swedish telecom operator since 1999.

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